并且她的演讲中small success, reflection regularly都再次打动我。



  1. No word for retirement – 活到老,干到老。退休后为兴趣而工作。
  2. 80% for every meal – 每顿饭只吃八成饱。




Reflect & Get inspired – Lean and Agile Conference总结

Actively contribute – sharing what I learned

Network & have fun

Fearless Change:


It’s about passion and learning

  • Test the water
  • Step by step
  • Time for reflection
  • Small successes

What people like

  • Feed them (do food)
  • See things from their points of view (personal touch)

Build grass roots (bottom up)

  • Innovator
  • Connector

Establish connections (Keep other people involved)

  • Ask for help
  • Just say thanks
  • Stay in touch

Influential people

  • Guru on your side
  • Local sponsor
  • Corporate angel

Respect the resistor

  • Listen, really listen (fearless)
  • It’s just an experiment (trial run)

The Power of Retrospective:

Why we need retrospective (Agile Principle, postmortem? Project Retrospective)

  • Learn from the past
  • Plan the future
  • Reach closure

Retrospective is not – no naming, no blaming. But naming and praising are encouraged.

How to learn

Questions for mini-retro

  • Keep
  • Change
  • Puzzles (I wonder why …)
  • Hopes and wishes (I hope that … or I wish that …)


Small steps/changes


<Mind maps> by Tony Buzan

Reading note


User Stories and Mindmapping

From Efficiency to Innovation:

Employee feedback

It is possible to train engineers and scientists to become innovators

Measure what you can measure

Combine design and development

  • Synthesis
  • Personas
  • Prototyping
  • Story mapping
  • Product vision